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Mate & Pup Rules

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Mate & Pup Rules Empty Mate & Pup Rules

Post by Crimzen on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:28 pm


1. You cannot have a mate if you are a pupil or youngster, your character must also be an mature wolf.
2. Please get to know your mate first! I won’t have members chasing after one another, when they’ve just met.
3. If someone does not like you back, please don’t spam their pm box with hate mail, or suicide messages you will be kicked out, also don’t jump off a cliff or anything you will be ignored.
4. You and your partner must PM Crimzen when you two are set on becoming a couple, I will then approve if I see fit.
5. If you want to split up pm me 3 reasons why, (Both). So, basically you are stuck together.
6. If you partner is kicked form the pack you are welcomed to choose someone else.
7. I will not allow any flirting with other members, when you have a mate.
8. If you people make without me knowing you will be punished.


1. You may have up to 4 pups.
2. All pups may leave by their first year.
3. You may only keep 1 pup, which must be rped by both the mother and father. (Must be chosen in the first 3 days after their birth.
4. The pups may die, since your only keep
5. No gore birthing or love.
6. Staying realistic when “growing”.
7. Notify me when the birthing will happen.
8. Parents must take care of their pups.
9. Pups are also allowed to be adopted.


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